Vocational education and training

The Cyprus Club of Cleaning and Hygiene has set one of its primary goals to help its members to acquire professional knowledge and skills in the areas of cleaning and hygiene through the provision of vocational training programs.

The professional training levels are:

  • Cleaning Operator is the first level and involves the training of individuals who deal with cleaning procedures. The training is based on European standards and aims to train the individuals to use the right cleaning practices; use the proper materials; work with safety and generally achieve high quality results in terms of cleaning and hygiene.
  • Cleaning Supervisor is the second level and involves the training of individuals who are responsible to control the cleaning levels and supervise the cleaning personnel.
  • Cleaning Specialist is the third level and involves the acquisition of expertise in the field of total cleaning systems. The professional cleaning specialist is able to implement and maintain total systems.
  • Instructor Training 
  • Quality and Service

Who can participate in CACH programs?

Anyone can participate in CACH programs, regardless of age and work experience. The person who wishes to follow these programs is required to have the basic skills in speaking, writing and reading the Greek language. CACH provides preliminary courses to individuals who do not speak, read or write Greek and include subjects as the basic terminology of cleaning, basic concepts of cleaning and reading information associated with cleaning etc.

The two phases of the program are the theoretical and the practical level.

By completing the theoretical training the individual needs to follow the practical training. Upon the successful completion of the practical level of training the individual is been awarded with the appropriate title (Cleaning Operator/Cleaning Supervisor/Cleaning Specialist). The title needs to be renewed every 2 years. For the renewal is required to follow a refresh course which concerns information about new rules/regulations that might appear (according legislation, industry news, etc.). People with language difficulties in speaking, reading and writing the Greek language may need to resume the refresh course next year.

The training is based on European Standards of professional training on the proper organization and maintenance of high quality cleaning.



For manufacturers, importers and distributors of cleaning products CACH delivers a relevant training program which includes topics on standards of cleanliness, use of appropriate technology, basic system services of supply, regulations and laws concerning health and safety at work, disposal of packaging materials and waste, economy etc.

For advisors CACH delivers a relevant cleanliness training program which includes topics as application of purification systems, quality management standards, regulations and laws of contracts concerning cleaning, health and safety at work, equipment maintenance, protection of property / estate, economy, supply chain, guarantees for services etc.